April 14, 2018

Rent a Car

Rent a Car

India Memorable Trip offers Car Rental services which are far superior to our competition. Our car rental service is an experience that you would like to repeat every time you are in Delhi!

Our chauffeur’s have got over a decade of driving experience in Delhi and have driven to most parts of the Country. Be it a tourist destination or a business trip we are equipped to handle the needs of the most demanding client. India Memorable Trip offers one of the most competitive prices for an experience that would rival the most up market service providers.

Book your trip with us and see the difference for yourself.

                                                                          Valid upto March 2018
ParticularsDistance/ TimeMercedes Benz C Class/Audi A4 / Toyota Fortuner 4X4Mercedes Benz   E /Audi A 6 / BMW 5 Series ( 2015)Audi Q7Mercedes Benz S 350 D(New 2015)/ BMW 7 Series OR Old S 500Mercedes Benz Maybach S 500 (2016)
Full day80 kms/8hrs.5000650095001500030000
Half day40 kms./4hrs300045005500900016500
Apt. Transfer55 kms./4hrs3500500065001000018000
Same day Agra500 kms.2250028000380005300085000
Same day Agra with Sikri550 kms.2450030000410005810095000
Two days Agra550 kms.24500300004100058100106000
Two days Agra With Sikri600 kms.26500330004500062000115000
Delhi –Agra-Sikri Jaipur – Delhi850 kms. / 3 Days39500490006500092000154000
Delhi–Agra-Sikri Jaipur – Delhi1000 kms. /4 Days420005350073000105000172000
Delhi–Agra- Sikri Jaipur – Delhi1125 kms. / 5 Days465005900079000112000199000
Delhi-Agra-Sikri-R’Bore-Jai-Delhi.1150 kms. / 5 days479006100085000115000210000
Delhi-Agra-Sikri-R’Bore-Jai-Delhi1200kms. / 6 dyas495006700097000132500235000
Extra per km.———556595150300
Extra per hour———45065085015003000
Chauffeur charges in local running between 2200 hours and 0600 hours 3503505005501500
Per Km Charge ( In Out station trip Only) Min 250 kms per day 556595150300
Pilot Charge ( In Out Sattion ) 550700110017003000
ParticularsDistance/ TimeVOLVOVOLVO/ MercedesVolvo with Wash room 2016 Model  
Full day80 kms/8hrs.135001550017500  
Apt. Transfer55 kms./4hrs8500950010500  
Same day Agra500 kms.390004200048000  
Same day Agra with Sikri550 kms.420004500051000  
Two days Agra550 kms.450004800055000  
Two days Agra WithSikri600 kms.480005200059000  
Delhi –Agra-Sikri Jaipur – Delhi850 kms. /3 days780008300092000  
Delhi–Agra-Sikri Jaipur – Delhi1000 kms. /4 days8600094000104000  
Delhi–Agra- Sikri Jaipur – Delhi1000 kms. / 5 days96000106000117000  
Delhi-Agra-Sikri-R’Bore-Jai-Delhi.1150 kms. / 5days101500110000123000  
Delhi-Agra-Sikri-R’Bore-Jai-Delhi1200kms. / 6 days115000125000139000  
Local Extra per km.———105120130  
Local Extra per hour———85010501500  
Chauffeur charges in all  Delhi/NCR  services  between2200 hours and 0600hour 95010001300  
(For  outstation trips only)Charges per km.
Minimum 250 kms. a day
Chauffeur per day ( out Station)——–120012001400 

 TARIFF FOR LUXURY MINI COACHES AND VANS                                 

ParticularsDistance/ TimeToyota Coaster (17+ 2 Seater)Isuzu (18 + 2 Seater)Isuzu (14+2 Seater) With washroomToyota Hiace Commuter-(5+2, 7+2 and 9+2 Seater) Mercedes Viano 2011 (5+1) 
Full day80 kms/8hrs.9000800095009000 
Apt. Transfer55 kms./ 4hrs6000500055006000 
Same day Agra500kms.33000270003000032500 
Same day Agra with Sikri550 kms.36000280003100036000 
Two days Agra550 kms.40000300003350037500 
Two days Agra WithSikri600 kms.41800350003650039000 
Delhi –Agra-Sikri Jaipur – Delhi850 kms. / 3Days70000505005750062000 
Delhi–Agra-Sikri Jaipur – Delhi900 kms. / 4 Days74000555006100066000 
Delhi–Agra- Sikri Jaipur – Delhi1000 kms. / 5 Days81000595006600072000 
Delhi-Agra-Sikri-R’Bore-Jai-Delhi.1150 kms. / 5 Days85000620007400079000 
Delhi-Agra-Sikri-R’Bore-Jai-Delhi1200kms. / 6 Days95000660007800085000 
Local Extra per km.———90809590 
Local Extra per hour———900700800700 
Chauffeur charges in all  Delhi/NCR  services between 2200 hours and 0600 hours 600600700600 
(For  outstation trips only)Charges per km.
Minimum 250 kms. a day
Chauffeur Charges per day——–110090010001000 

                          TARIFF FOR CARs AND MUVs

ParticularsDistance/ TimeToyota Etios/Maruti Dzire/Honda AmazeToyota Innova /Nisan Sunny/ Ciaz Toyota Corolla Altis/ Honda City  
Full day80 kms/8hrs.130016002400  
Half day40 kms./4hrsN/AN/AN/A  
Apt. Transfer55 kms./4hrs120014001700  
Same day Agra500kms.8000850010500  
Same day Agra with Sikri550 kms.8500950011700  
Two days Agra550 kms.90001150012500  
Two days Agra WithSikri600 kms.95001200013500  
Delhi –Agra-Sikri Jaipur – Delhi850 kms. / 3 Days175002050021700  
Delhi–Agra-Sikri Jaipur – Delhi900 kms. / 4 Days185002150022700  
Delhi–Agra- Sikri Jaipur – Delhi1000 kms. / 5 Days205002550025800  
Delhi-Agra-Sikri-R’Bore-Jai-Delhi.1150 kms. / 5 Days212002550027300  
Delhi-Agra-Sikri-R’Bore-Jai-Delhi1200kms. / 6 Days228002590028500  
Extra per km.——-131622  
Extra per hour——-85120200  
Chauffeur charges in all  Delhi/NCR  services between 2200 hours and 0600 hours 250250250  
Night Charges ( 0utstation Only)———-250250250

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Time and kilometers will be charged from garage to garage.
  2. For Airport Transfer and Local Sight Seeing /, Parking and toll taxes will be charged extra.
  3. Services for more than four hours will be strictly charged under 80 kilometers and 8 hours.
  4. All parking charges , toll taxes , state taxes will be charged extra as per original receipts   in case of outstation trips, in case taxes are paid in advance of any state 1/3rd tax will be charged of actual receipt.
  5. In package tours all parking charges, toll taxes, chauffeur charges, state taxes are inclusive.
  6. Costing given for any package does not mean confirmation until unless confirmation for the services given by us.
  7. Quotes given on tailor-made itineraries   are valid for maximum 60 days; please make sure to take quotes again after expiry of 60 days.
  8. For any current booking we need minimum five hours requisition time for execution of services.
  9.  Service tax will be charged on gross invoice @ 6%, GST @ 5%, in case of payments by credit card additional 2% card charges will be charged.
  10. All payments have to be made in advance before departure or start of services.
  11. Mineral water 500 ml. will be charged @ Rs.20/- per bottle, Coke/Pepsi can @ Rs.45/- each, Garland @ Rs.50/- per Garland.
  12. If LCD /DVD do not work in coaches because of technical or unavoidable reasons, we will not be extending any kind of credit or cutting in our invoices.
  13. Any package starting from airport/station, parking charges will be charged extra.
  14. Any break after pick up from Airport / Station or after arrival in Delhi from other cities, airport/station transfer charges or local running charges  will be charged extra.
  15. Once the vehicle leaves our garage, we will be charging for the same irrespective of being used or not.
  16. In case of mechanical fault or miss happening, we will be requiring the time to reach there so as to replace the vehicle. However if clients makes their own arrangements we will be charging till that particular point of accident/ mishappening.
  17.  No eatables, alcoholic drinks, beverages, tea, coffee etc. will be allowed while the coach /car is moving. No alcoholic bottles or drugs can be transported along with any group or an individual.
  18. If there’s an AC failure , AC rates will be charged up to the point of AC failure  , further from that point we will be liable to compensate a maximum of 15% on further running.
  19. All the payments have to be made within 30 days after the presentation of the invoices. Any delay beyond this will attract a levy / interest of 3 % per month.
  20. In case of any complaint we must be informed at that time only to enable us to resolve immediately. Complaints after taking the services will not be entertained at all. Our office is 24 hours open to take care of any emergency or complaint.
  21. Any delay in arriving in Delhi because of natural calamities or disasters will be borne by the client i.e. landslides, earthquake, floods etc.
  22. We are not liable to pay any compensation due to technical failure in vehicle or because of any accident resulting to loss of productivity or loss of working man hours. All our vehicles are comprehensively insured all such claims must be pursued with our insurance company only.
  23. It is to mention the passenger or guest should take care of any valuables/luggage themselves. We are not responsible for any thing left by any passenger/guest in the vehicle, we strongly suggest not leaving or forgetting any valuables in the vehicles. If found later will be delivered with delivery charges. It is the duty of the tour escort or tour guide to inform the group members not to leave any valuables in any vehicle during sightseeing tours or otherwise. We will not entertain any complaint on this regard.
  24. Cancellation charges will be charged as follows for all the premium and luxury vehicles  including Mercs , BMWs ,Volkswagen ,  all coaches , Limo ,  4X4 wheel  drives :-
  • 30 days prior to departure – 10% amount of the whole services/package tour or a minimum of 1 day charges.
  • 15 days prior to departure – 25% amount whole services/package tour or a minimum of 1 day charges.
  • 2 days prior to departure – 50% amount whole services/package tour or a minimum of 1 day charges.
  • No show or last minute – 100 % will be charged of  whole services/package tour.
  • For your own safety, all our chauffeurs will take a nap/rest of up to 15 minutes after continues two hours driving and a nap/rest of 15 to 30 minutes after continuous four hours driving.
  • Any breakage due to negligence of the client will be paid by either the client himself or by the respective company which has hired the vehicle.
  • Hiring company will not employee directly or indirectly any of the employees of India Memorable Trip. Hirer or hiring company can be held responsible for the breach of trust or contract and can to be taken to court of law.
  • All chauffeurs will follow the itinerary given in advance at the time of costing , any changes in the itinerary without approvals from us will not be entertained and will be charged as per the tariff and chauffeur has right to refuse to visit any place not mentioned in the itinerary handed over to him by IMT..
  • All prices/packages are subject to change in Petroleum prices or state taxes without intimation.Any legal dispute subject to jurisdiction in Delhi only.

  Hotel bookings can be done as per need for all over India from 3* to 5 * Deluxe hotels Rates will be provided on a case to case basis.

We have all luxury vehciles Mercedes Benz / BMW   Luxury cars & SUVs, Volvo Coaches  for outstation tours on case to case Basis.

 As you are in the business of package tours so you must have need of cars for your clients so we offer you our services for your clients. We assure you that we’ll give you the best services and hospitality to your clients if we would be given a chance to serve you.

 We assure you best of our services & vehicles always. 

 Hope, you will find the above in order. In case you require any other information or clarification, kindly contact us.